Turtle World

Turtle world is a puzzle or an action survival game for kids and grownups with super cute characters and stunning visuals, designed from PlaySnack for iOS apps on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The app features a childish turtle Frank pitted against many enemies in an attractive place such as forest. It tends to narrate a story in game form of a turtle who was led to a trap by his friend due to jealousy. This led to a turn from his adventurous life to a hectic life. The game is designed for you to help the turtle to survive by helping it to escape danger by use of its shell.

How to play the turtle world game

The game utilizes iPad’s gyroscope that allows you to navigate the turtle by tilting your handset in order to avoid attack and to eat power snails and touch screen controls to enable you to use your turtle shell to aim and fire your enemies. This adds on your score which allow you to unlock the next new world.
In a turtle world game one plays as a turtle Frank, trying to escape danger by throwing the shell to the enemies appearing from the sides of the screen. Chances for the turtle to survive depend on how fast you hit your enemies thus leading to success. This requires you to be in a good posture to ease your navigation skills as you escape from enemies not forgetting to feed your turtle with snails. Navigating the turtle will also enable it to escape from other hazards such as icy grounds, falling ice and spikes.

By feeding on different snails with different colors your turtle shell is powered-up with various weapons such as addition of fire, wings or spikes making it more effective in attacking the enemies with fireballs, bombs, poisonous cloud and a homing missile. For example black snail enable your shell to become explosive, red snail sets the shell on fire and blue one gives your shell wings. Be careful to prevent the turtle from feeding on his favorite food since this will unleash its inner power and thus giving the enemy what they need.

Turtle world game has four worlds and success in the previous world leads you to the next world that is a bit tougher than the previous world.
Advantages of the turtle world game.

The turtle world game app for IOS is cute and attractive to play especially for the kids. It has no age barrier anyone can play the game to avoid boredom or just for leisure purposes. One is also able to choose accelerometers that enable you to accelerate the speed where necessary.

Challenges associated with the turtle word game

The game does not stand out when it comes to visuals and sounds. It has a playful music that is monotonic and visuals are somehow static. The disappearance of the shell to the bush after failing to hit the enemy is viewed as more of a bug than a feature. Crashing of the app is more often and finally the turtle world game is not difficult for the kids to enjoy playing but the only challenge is that the handset is a bit large for them to be able to control the turtle effectively.

The turtle world game is an amazing app and can be acquired at a cheaper cost. The game is highly recommended for the kids since it easily to play. However, there is need to update the app in order to counteract the challenges faced.

“It’s fun to play (addictive, really) and extremely well produced.” – Apps4kids.net

“My kids won’t stop playing this game. They love it!” – Susan

“Turtle World is one of those delightful gems that plays as well as it is cute.” – AppstoreArcade